Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Extended Cosmopolitan Service can be done in multiple ways!

Cosmopolitan International members support the on-going charitable nature of our organization by becoming members of 'The Beacon Club' and/or by purchasing commemorative bricks to acknowledge members, friends and community service of individuals.

The Beacon group of Cosmopolitans has pledged and dedicated resources to an endowment fund in order to perpetuate the giving and donations of Cosmopolitan International through the coming years. See our 'Beacons' FAQ page for additional information. 

Bricks can be viewed and/or purchased both in physical and virtual modes. Physical bricks will be installed in our Cosmopolitan Wall in Cosmopolitan Park in Columbia, MO and will also be available for viewing on this site. Virtual bricks will be displayed to the public on this site only.





This option will take you to our Question and Answer facts page. Here we will post questions that are frequently asked, along with their respective answers.
This option will take you to our documents page where you will find information about our various extended programs and how you can interface with them. This option allows you to order physical bricks and/or virtual bricks. Physical bricks will be installed in the wall at Cosmopolitan Park in Columbia, MO unless you specify to have them shipped directly to you.




Use this link to log into the Cosmopolitan Extras web site. You must have a valid login in order to enter the protected portion of this site. You can also get there via the member section of the Cosmopolitan International web site. Again, you must have logged into that site in order to get to the protected portion of this site. This link is used to view/edit both Physical and Virtual bricks already present on the site. If you need to purchase a new brick, either physical or virtual, click on the shopping cart link above. This link takes you to the Beacon page on You must be a registered Beacon in order to get to the donation structure. Access to the Beacon Donations portion of this site is restricted.